Our Policies

Our policies aim to provide staff, students, parents and carers with clear information about the standards expected by all members of the Bosco CET community. Please see individual school websites for specific school policies and procedures.

  1. Bosco Acceptable Use Policy.pdf
  2. Bosco Appraisal Policy.pdf
  3. Bosco Articles of Association.pdf
  4. Bosco Attendance policy.pdf
  5. Bosco Behaviour policy.pdf
  6. Bosco CCTV policy.pdf
  7. Bosco Capability policy.pdf
  8. Bosco Charging and Remissions policy.pdf
  9. Bosco Child Protection and Safeguarding statement.pdf
  10. Bosco Collective Worship policy.pdf
  11. Bosco Complaints policy.pdf
  12. Bosco Confidential Reporting (Whistleblowing) policy.pdf
  13. Bosco Data Protection policy (GDPR).pdf
  14. Bosco Disciplinary policy.pdf
  15. Bosco E-safety Policy.pdf
  16. Bosco Equality and Diversity Policy.pdf
  17. Bosco Expenses Policy.pdf
  18. Bosco Finance and Investment policy.pdf
  19. Bosco Flexible Working Policy.pdf
  20. Bosco Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.pdf
  21. Bosco Freedom of Information policy.pdf
  22. Bosco Gifts and Hospitality policy 2020.pdf
  23. Bosco Governors' Code of Conduct policy.pdf
  24. Bosco Governors' allowances policy.pdf
  25. Bosco Grievance policy.pdf
  26. Bosco Health and Safety policy.pdf
  27. Bosco LGPS Discretions policy.pdf
  28. Bosco Lettings policy.pdf
  29. Bosco Outdoor education and offsite educational trips policy.pdf
  30. Bosco Pay Policy.pdf
  31. Bosco Purchasing Procedures and Competitive Tendering Policy.pdf
  32. Bosco Redundancy policy.pdf
  33. Bosco Relationships Education policy.pdf
  34. Bosco Religious Education policy.pdf
  35. Bosco Reserves Policy.pdf
  36. Bosco SEND Policy (updated Nov 2019).pdf
  37. Bosco Scheme of Delegation October 2019 final.pdf
  38. Bosco Sickness absence policy.pdf
  39. Bosco Staff Wellbeing Policy.pdf
  40. Bosco Statement of General Principles of Behaviour.pdf
  41. Bosco Statement of how to deal with Allegations of Abuse against Staff.pdf
  42. Bosco Teacher Pension Discretions policy.pdf
  43. Bosco Unacceptable Behaviour from parents policy.pdf
  44. Bosco Virtual Attendance Policy 2020.pdf
  45. Bosco Privacy Notice for Trustees and Governors.pdf
  46. Pecuniary Interest Information for Bosco Website Oct 19.pdf